Edit & Oak Destination Lifestyle Store Altrincham Cheshire

My job as an interiors stylist involves a large amount of shopping for props. “Great” you might be thinking “nice job” but believe me when you’ve designed up to 6 room sets in a week, you can quickly exhaust your usual suppliers of props and homewares, which is why it’s always great when you discover another shop, brimming with beautiful stock with consideration to current trends.

Every time I have been into Kate Harmans shop, Edit & Oak  I’ve come away with bags full of lovely pottery, cushions and candles. The collections are bought very much with current trends in mind but discretely enough that they can be edited into a current scheme.

Kate says “The name Edit & Oak was derived from the blend of items I wanted to source for the shop. A mixture of objects chosen for their colour or pattern, with a slight nod to a trend, with a mix of more rustic European, one off finds, which have an age and patina that add a natural texture and interest to a home.”

Kate was previously a homewares buyer before she launched her own shop so she has a great understanding of what people need to update their homes with seasonal and current accessories or colours, without the need to change a whole room scheme.

As well as interior items, Kate also stocks a carefully curated selection of jewellery, accessories and scented candles, making Edit & Oak a perfect destination for gift shopping.

Kate first opened the doors to her shop back in October 2015 perfectly in time for the once neglected Altrincham market to be reborn and rebranded as a destination for food lovers and a place to find independent retailers, salvage dealers and artisans regularly selling their wares from permanant stalls. The whole of Altrincham has benefited from the thriving and busy market but Edit & Oak is at the opposite end of Greenwood Street to the market and almost constant building work outside the shop, over the last 2 years, has made it difficult at times for passing trade. However, this has only encouraged Kate to ensure that the stock she buys is completely unique from any of her competitors which has helped to build up a loyal and returning clientele. She’s also very keen to support other business’s in the location to ensure that the area remains a shopping destination and she does this by avoiding stocking any brands that similar shops in the area sell.

It’s a smart move and one that should see Edit & Oak grow from strength to strength.






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