How to make a simple foraged festive wreath

Hanging a wreath made with seasonal foliage is a very traditional Christmas way to decorate our homes and to say welcome to visitors over the festive season, but they can be expensive to buy from a professional florists.

Making your own using a few basic tools and some foraged seasonal foliage, is simple and cost effective. For this one I made below, I used a mixture of seeded and silver eucalyptus and snow berries. I’ve made it in a contemporary minimal Scandinavian style, but for a more rustic look you could use a bark or willow wreath and add in garden herbs, such as rosemary or bay leaves, which will also have the added advantage of scenting your home.

You will need:

  1. 1 metal floristry ring
  2. metal floristry wire
  3. sharp scissors
  4. Selection of seasonal foliage

Start be selecting various foliage and tying bundles together tightly at the base with the floristry wire.

Lay the first bundle on top of the metal ring on an angle, starting on one side of the ring and secure using floristry wire. Trim the excess stems so that they are as close to the ring as possible.

Make another bundle of foliage, in the same way and lay the sprigs of the foliage over the wire on the base of the first bundle, to hide it, then secure the second bundle again at the base with the wire. Continue in this way all the way around until you come to a point that you would like to stop.

If there are any bits of wire showing, you can cut smaller pieces of foliage and secure them by threading them through the wire.

To secure you can hang the wreath directly onto the wall or add some decorative twine or ribbon onto the top of the wire ring for hanging.

For a video of how I made this, go to @sofology on Instagram

This wreath was made using a bark ring from Sostrene Grene. As well as foraged ivy and pine branches, I added some wax flowers and thistles bought from the florists. If you wanted something more festive, you could add winter red berries, mistletoe or even pheasant feathers.

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