The Little Greene Paint Company~Retrospectives

The Little Greene Paint company have announced that they are due to unveil their new paint range~ retrospectives at Decorex in London on 25/9/11. Little Greene are known for their heritage paint colours and the new range spans the decades of the 1960’s and 70’s.

The paint has been produced in collaboration with English Heritage to create 32 genuine colours from the era. The initial research was carried out by Crick Smith, who have worked on the restoration and conservation of some of Britain’s most historic buildings. Their research included looking into the archives of interior magazines from the time and the work of designers such as David Hicks, as well as iconic buildings from the period, such as Trellick Tower, the Telecom Tower and Park Hill Flats Sheffield, which have recently been restored and re-designed by Urban Splash.

Little Green have pledged a contribution from every tin of paint sold to the protection and conservation of Britain’s heritage, so as well as being right on trend with the timing of their new range, it ensures our purchases are future proofing the landscape of our country.

Part of the new paint range

Trellick Tower

Some further reading if this is your era!

It seems that many designers have been looking to the 1960’s & 70’s for inspiration. Graham & Brown have recently issued a range of wallpapers designed by the retro king himself, Wayne Hemingway. Two of the designs, Loopy lines inspired by the 60’s and Do The Stretch inspired by the 1970’s, would be a great choice to co-ordinate with the Little Greene paint range.

For something more substantial or more durable than wallpaper how about these wall panels. Made from laminate laid over plywood, they would certainly add a great feature to any room and are fantastic for commercial design. There are many more designs in the range, this one was inspired by the textile designer Lucienne Day. I know her best known work was designed in the 50’s but she is an icon of mid 20th century design and continued designing until the 21st Century and by those means deserves a mention!


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