Bridget Riley at kettles Yard

I have always wanted an excuse to visit Kettles Yard in Cambridge and have just read that there is a new exhibition starting on 24th September of Bridget Riley’s work, entitled Colour, Stripes, Planes & Curves. Bridgets Riley’s work is fantastic and I will definitely make the effort to get to the exhibition, but the star of the show for me will be the exhibition space. Kettles Yard, which is now part of cambridge University was the home of Jim and Helen Ede for many years and a home which they filled with the work of many of their artist friends. Jim Ede studied painting at Newlyn Art School, in Cornwall and was friends with many of the St Ives artists such as Ben Nicholson and Alfred Wallis. As well as the art work and sculptures around the house, it was also decorated with natural collections such as pebbles, stones and pieces of drift wood, a style that now signifies St Ives and coastal living to me. After spending much of my time in and around St Ives over the last 20 years, it is a style I am still drawn to and it is beautifully executed at Kettles Yard and much emulated.

An Alfred Wallis painting from the collection at Kettles Yard

Bridget Riley in front of one of her paintings

One of the paintings featured in the Colour, Stripes, Planes & Curves exhibition


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