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My life seems to have existed mainly of kitchens over the last few weeks. As well as working on the styling of the 2012 brochure for a leading kitchen design company for the last 4 weeks, I have also been helping a friend put together her new kitchen and now my own kitchen is about to be re-designed.

As our kitchen has original victorian units which we found in a salvage yard 15 years ago, we are re-using them and reconfiguring the space, adding french doors and possibly changing the floor. It all sounds so simple when put down on paper but in reality designing kitchens is my least favourite job and the hardest room in the home to get right. Although in my head I can envisage how I want it to look, getting the right mix of style and practicality and ensuring the finished look fits with the rest of your home and your lifestyle is a tricky one, which is also my friends dilemma.

What appears to lack in a lot of kitchens for me is soul and personality. Many people are too hung up with having the latest gadgets in their kitchens and don’t always think if it reflects them and that is something I’m eager to avoid with our kitchen.

I’m intending on posting some before and after pictures on my blog and even work in progress, but before the work starts here are some of the kitchens that I feel inspired by. I’m increasingly going down the monochrome palette route and am lusting after some industrial sewing machinists chairs for around our kitchen table. Talking of the table I love the Natuzzi design I have shown, which I think would look perfect with the imperfection of the chairs? What do you think? Let me know.

I love this bespoke kitchen which has been made using vintage wooden filing cabinets.

Holloways of Ludlow design and make bespoke kitchens.

A selection of the industrial chairs which are available from many salvage yards. The ones shown above are available at Baileys Homes & Gardens.

The Harlem table by Natuzzi

This is a design classic which I am constantly drawn back to. A circular table is going to have to be a must I think due to the limited space we’ll have for a table.

I would love an original french tiled floor but not sure if our budget will stretch to it.

This is a cheaper alternative from Topps Tiles. I was in the studio during this shoot and couldn’t believe that they were from a high street retailer, they’re really stunning.They are called Henley and are available in two colourways.

A great selection of industrial lighting is available from Holloways of Ludlow

We have managed to source some amazing french doors from a salvage yard which have squares of coloured glass in the corners etched with stars. These will open onto the garden and for privacy, I’m hoping to either source or have made some georgian style panelled shutters like the ones above.



  1. Kitchens York 29 August, 2013 / 10:04 am

    The kitchen design which you have shared in your blog are really amazing. Modern kitchens are so well equipped that it is easy to forget that our ancestors really just had an open fire for many year.

  2. Karen Barlow 29 August, 2013 / 12:45 pm

    Thanks for your lovely comment. I will be posting pictures of my own kitchen update soon, which has been inspired by these images. I hope it looks half as good as some of these lovely kitchens.

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