Rochester’s Salvage

I have been researching recycled furniture and salvage for a design project I’m working on for Manchester University and have been in touch with a lovely lady called Jane, herself a stylist who has a salvage company in Somerset.

As she didn’t have exactly what I was looking for she pointed me in the direction of Rochester’s salvage in Yorkshire and what an amazing find it is.

The company is run by partners Talya and Mark who have an amazing eye for industrial treasure and some great ideas for how it can be re-used.

Below are some shots of their inspirational home, which recently appeared in the Daily Mail.

The stunning photography is by Ingrid Rasmussen, who herself has a great blog.

Another industrial Salvage company I have sourced, who are based in Stroud, have some amazing examples on their website of how their finds have been used in commercial design. Below are some images from the Waterline bar in Hoxton which features their lab stools and industrial lighting.


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