Corrine Day ~ 1965-2010

Last week I watched the brilliant film “We’ll Take Manhattan” The film documents the shoot that David Bailey & his muse Jean Shrimpton, did in New York for Vogue magazine and how the urban edgy style of his work and the girl next door looks of Jean, changed the face of fashion for ever.

The day after watching it, I got to thinking about the late, great Corrine Day and her muse Kate Moss and how their work together, in the early 1990’s, had the same impact on how fashion was portrayed. What came to mind, was that Corrine’s grunge style, documentary type photography was such a departure from what we had been used to seeing in glossy magazines, when through out the 1980’s, it was saturated with high end fashion, modelled by the supers and a look so unattainable to the majority of us.

yet her talent goes largely un-acknowledged. Anybody who is not obsessed with fashion or photography would probably not have heard of her, yet Bailey is world famous.  It’s surely only a matter of time before somebody makes her amazing life story into a film, as they have done with “I’ll take Manhattan” The shoot she did with Mossy on Camber Sands, which featured on the front of The Face magazine in 1990 and the lingerie shoot for Vogue magazine, shot in Kate’s own flat, which caused such a storm in 1993, is surely worth documenting. It changed everything and grunge style was adopted by the masses with Calvin Klein booking Kate for his next Campaign and launching her massive career.

Even though Corrine’s star talent shone brightly, it was short lived and sadly she passed away in 2010 at the tender age of 45 but her body of work remains and if I had the money I would be commissioning that film!

A 16 year old Kate on Camber Sands, shot for The Face magazine. The original framed copy of the magazine, bought for me as a pressie by Mr B, hangs on my office wall, so obsessed am I with Ms Moss and Corrine Day’s work

The lingerie shoot, commissioned by Vogue magazine in 1993, which changed the face of fashion for the decade and launched Kate’s career.

Some of the last shots taken of Kate by Corrine, for a retrospective of her work at the V&A in 2007. These pictures were taken by Corrine as her and Kate talked about the big issues in life over a bottle (or 2) of wine. Corrine knew at this time that she was terminally ill, so the shots are very intimate. It’s not often you see Kate with her guard down and it’s a real insight into the girls long, working and personal relationship.


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