Neisha Crosland Home

I love the designs created by Neisha Crosland and have used her wallpapers many times within my own home and when working on client projects.

Neisha’s own home is stunning and a perfect showcase for how her fabrics, in particular, can be used. I love the dramatic features she has installed, such as the antiqued mirrored glass, double doors and the interesting lighting used throughout. This is a home which doesn’t bow to fads and fashions, it is classic yet interesting, with bold colour schemes and is the type of home which will look just as good in years to come as it does now.

The best homes, I think, are those that don’t change on a whim, when a new colour or trend becomes popular. They evolve with time by adding personal items, pieces collected on travels, artwork bought with passion and found objects which add personality.

Identikit houses, which we have become so used to seeing in many of the interior magazines, with the ubiquitous chair and the must have lamp, leave me cold. Neisha’s house has bags of personality and that personality is unique to her and her family, which is how our homes should be. 


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