Christina Wilson Photographer

A few years ago, an old acquaintance, from back in the day when we used to frequent the night clubs of Manchester and spend practically every weekend at The Hacienda, dosey doeing like buffalo girls(it was a long time ago ok, and I am aware that I’m probably giving my age away now!) opened a sublimely beautiful shop in Chorlton, called Violette. It stocked gorgeous clothes, many from Scandinavia, jewellery and small interior items and it was a joy to visit and spend an hour or more browsing and chatting to Elise the owner. Sadly the shop closed and I’ve never since found any where in Manchester to take it’s place.

One of the items that came from Violette, that now adorns our bedroom, was a beautiful photographic print by one of Elise’s friends, the photographer Christina Wilson. The photograph is of a childs feet clad in a pair of gold ballet shoes and it reminded me of my little girl, who had, at that time just started ballet.

Christina, a former stylist, turned photographer, has an amazing eye for capturing the most beautiful images and her talent has been employed by many leading luxury brands, interior designers & artists, who are obviously confident, that she will portray their work in a creative and inspiring way. Every image is magical and her use of colour and natural light is beautiful. Here are just a few of her images.



My own Christina Wilson that reminds me of my daughter, who’s still pirouetting all those years later. 


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