Dulux Autumn Hues

This season Dulux offer up a bold palette of colour to turn our homes into a cosy retreat.

Marianne Shillingford, creative Director of Dulux, confirms that one of the new seasons biggest trends which they are calling “Home Factory” focuses on craft and the celebration of making things at home. The new colours are inspired by organic vegetable colours such as Indigo and Woad, with warm undertones and are most effective when used on all the walls of a room, to give a cocooned effect. They are a perfect backdrop for highlighting warm wood tones and metallic lighting and furniture, demonstrated in these shots.

Indigo night

Hawaiian Blue

Minted Glory

Twilight Cinders

Flamingo Fun


This bedroom, designed by Eleanor Cunietti, has been painted using Dulux “Peacock Blue 2” from Dulux


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