Calke Abbey

I’m not really one for making new years resolutions and this isn’t really a resolution, just a promise to myself, to try and get out more for day trips and weekends away in our trusty VW van.

Since our son became a teenager, it has been more difficult to persuade him to come away for days out with us, prefering to spend time with his own friends and until recently he has been too young to leave unattended for any length of time, well certainly for a weekend, so we’ve just got out of the habit of long days out.

Well this year, as he turns 18, I intend to change that and first on my list of places to visit is Calke Abbey in Derbyshire.

Calke Abbey has been mentioned to me recently by two different people, as an amazing house to visit. Each room has been kept like a time casule, locked up by the family that owned the house and left in the state it was in when last used. Now owned by The National Trust, the rooms display vast collections from the previous owners, such as taxidermy, shells and fossils all in a partly decayed, time worn setting.

Last year I went to a a talk held by Farrow & Ball and presented by Joa Studholme, their international colour consultant. She mentioned that Calke Abbey had been the inspiration behind their paint colour “Lamp room grey” named after a room within the house that was full of gas lamps.

Some of the pictures below hint at a lost world, when many wealthy families lived in stately homes, which sadly after the 2nd world war became too costly for them to run. Luckily for us The national Trust ensures that we can still get a glimpse into that world.

                                          Some of these images are from Foxtail & Fern Blog


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