Dulux Colour Trends 2013

Today I received a call about a styling job for a large paint company, which sounds as though it could be exciting.

A couple of years ago I was responsible for designing the sets and collating the design boards for the Dulux Timeless Classics range and following the phone call I thought I would have a look to see what Dulux are predicting will be our go to colours this year.

They have five main trends which cover a broad spectrum of colour, from bright and energetic to calm and almost monastic.

Collective Passion is a trend which uses a rainbow of colours but focuses on fluoros and pastels, which are attention grabbing, energetic and creative. We have seen this trend slowly emerging over the last year with prism and pixalated style fabrics and designs and this palette follows on from that.


Switching off uses ethereal tones inspired by snowscapes and misty skies, deep sultry colours, which emulate starry nights and a sense of calmness.


The art of understanding is sunny and uplifting using colours we associate with our child hood memories from mint choc and raspberry ripple ice cream to macaroons and chocolate cherries. All this sits beside vintage inspired candy tones, anchored with deep teal and brown to avoid it becoming too saccharine.


Home factory is inspired by nature, self reliance and small scale manufacturing, shopping local and honesty. Think “The Good Life” and you can’t go wrong. The simple colours are saturated with a rich quality, from berry colours, bright green and indigo, inspired by Denim. This home spun, simple things in life, trend just runs and runs. It makes us feel good and harps back to a better time in life, which we all long for again.


Visual Solace takes inspiration from gardens in full bloom, and natural muted tones such as linen and hessian. It is restorative, uplifting and soul reviving, soothing &gentle . In short a very feminine palette.

It looks as though 2013 is going to be a very colourful year with a trend to suit everyone of us?


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