London Underground 150th Anniversary

Today London Underground celebrates 150 years since it first opened to the public.

It’s logo, known as the roundel, has become synonymous with London transport and is instantly recognisable around the world.  It first appeared in 1908 but was reworked, with a new, especially designed typeface, in 1913, to become the symbol we recognise today.

That same year, the London underground map was designed by Harry Beck and is such a symbol of London it has become a design classic.

Many of the stations built in the 1920’s and 30’s became the companies corporate standard design and 16 of them have currently been awarded listed status, including Covent Garden and Oxford Circus. Not many other transport systems can boast so many design icons surely?

To celebrate and commemorate the anniversary, Royal Mail have issued a set of 6 different stamps, each featuring familiar images from the last century and a half of operating.

From 15/2/13 until October 2013, London Transport Museum, will hold an exhibition of London underground poster art, show casing 150 of the best designs over the last 150 years. With a reputation for commissioning leading artists to design their posters, this should be an amazing exhibition.


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