Twelth night and the big clean up

Tomorrow 5th January, is twelth night when it is customary to take down the Christmas tree and the decorations and restore the home to some sort of normality. It always feel as though the house is a little bare and some of the magic has gone when the lights go back in their boxes for another year. The way to combat this feeling is to use the opportunity to have a good clear out and a mini spring clean, which always cleanses the soul.

There’s nothing better than sitting down with a cup of tea after all your hard work and knowing that everything is back where it should be(for the time being anyway!)

Storage is the key to any tidy house and with this in mind I have posted a selection of images with storage ideas for most of the rooms in the house. If you haven’t got cupboard space to hide everything away there are some creative ideas to showcase your items and make them part of your interior space.

Good job tomorrow’s Saturday and it will keep me away from the sales at least!


If you don’t have the room for fitted wardrobes or cupboards for your clothes and you have to have them on show, it looks super stylish if you stick to a simple colour scheme like this. Do you have the restraint though? Not sure I would?


This cute sewing room looks really pretty with the patchwork papered cupboards.


If you are a crafter and want to keep everything to hand, try displaying your fabric on a ladder like this one.


I love kitchens like this, using your crockery and glass ware as a display. It looks really effective if you have mismatched collections of vintage china.


make your storage jars part of the decor by hand writing or stamping hand made lables for them.


This industrial factory cabinet looks amazing as storage for shoes or clothes.


If you work from home, make your office a design feature with co-ordinated wallpaper, notebooks and chair


This small room uses clever storage in the form of shelves to house everything that’s needed but by keeping to a simple colour palette avoids looking cluttered.


This over the door shelf is a clever solution for using the tightest of spaces for extra storage.


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