Wetherby Race Course Antique Fair

Myself and Mr B have just had a splendid day out at Wetherby Antique fair, held every couple of months by Jaguar fairs, on the race course. For a full calendar of dates and venues, check their website.

It’s a great location in the middle of beautiful country side and only an hour for us, traveling from Manchester and as an added bonus today, the sun shone as though it’s life depended on it.

Surprisingly it was very quiet there, lots of stalls but not many punters, which luckily for us meant we came home with a boot full of bargains. The prices are always good at Wetherby as it’s not as big as some of the main fairs such as Newark and Kempton Market, but the dealers always have some great stock and I have never come away disappointed or empty handed. The pace of the fair is lovely too, with very friendly people all happy to have a chat, tell you a little bit of the history of your buy or their lives and we made loads of great contacts for the future. Tony, the urban cowboy was my favourite, a man of advancing years, shall I say, stetson on head and twinkle in his eye. Everything he sold me was a couple of quid and for £20.00 I bought, some old ballet shoes, a beautiful vintage camera, some cloth union jack flags, a vintage leather belt and a film reel complete with original box!


Some of the bits and bats I bought from my new friend Tony


Some of our other favourite buys of the day are below but I’ve got to say Mr B was doing bunny hops when he found the magnificent old drum. I’ve got to admit it is pretty great, but I’m keeping that quiet as he thinks I’ve treated him!


Lovely 1930’s red pot ballet shoes


I can’t resist old books, perfect for props. £2.00 each!


The clapper board was an original from the BBC and bought for my friend Debbie for her theatrical agency reception area, which she has asked me to dress. The camera was £5.00!


This guitar shaped 1950’s mirror is so sweet, I couldn’t resist it.


Another slight obsession is stars and it was love at first sight when I saw this glass jar.


This paper covered cake tin is a little battered but that kind of adds to the charm and is another lovely prop.


The magnificent drum takes pride of place on the landing.


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  1. 23 April, 2013 / 12:57 pm

    Looks like a great day out and some fantastic finds too.

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