I’m having a bit of a lace moment brought on, I think, by the beautiful gowns in The Great Gatsby and my friend,Lynseys, wedding in a couple of weeks.



Carey Mulligan in a gorgeous grey lace dress on set of The Great Gatsby

In my quest for the perfect wedding guest dress, I am being constantly drawn to lace but am aware that I have to tread carefully, as the bride is wearing cream lace.

With so much lace around this season, it’s difficult to avoid but I think I’ve found the perfect solution? instead of pretty cream or white lace, I have found quite a few lovely summer dresses in bright zingy colours which takes the lace detail in another direction entirely. My mind is not made up yet, I have two weeks to go before the big day and I’m known for my last minute decisions, but the Topshop number in cobalt blue is hanging on the front of my wardrobe, as we speak, trying to persuade me, so if I can just find the right shoes and bag, I may, first the first time ever, be organised before the eve of the occasion!


I love the vibrant orange of this dress which off sets the lace perfectly

This similar dress is from Anthropologie


These two cobalt blue lace dresses are from Topshop


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