Bobbed Hair

Last night I went to see The Great Gatsby for the second time. There is no way you can take in all the costumes and sets on the first viewing and what struck me the second time, was that the two leading ladies Carey Mulligan & Elizabeth Debicki, had the most beautifully cut bobbed hair. It is such a statement hair cut that I wondered to myself if it will emerge as the haircut of the year (again?)

The Bob has seen many incarnations since it emerged in the early 1920’s, after it was popularised by actresses such as Louise Brookes and Clara Bow and designer Coco Chanel, who controversially cut her hair short and started wearing trousers after holidaying in Deauville.


Silent star Louise Brookes


A young Coco

The cut was seen by many as a sign of independence and saw woman queing outside barbers shops to get their locks cut. F. Scott Fitzgerald even wrote a short story entitled “Bernice Bobs Her Hair” about a dull young woman who transforms herself into a vamp after bobbing her hair.


Original advertisement for decorative hair combs to embellish your Bob cut

Since the 1920’s we have seen The Bob reincarnated firstly by Vidal Sassoon with his 5 point geometric cut and then reinvented in various guises throughout the decades. The Bob endures and still stands out as a sharp and sassy style.

Vidal cuts Mary Quant’s hair in the 1960’s. Mary has become synonymous with the bob.


The Purdey cut in the 1970’s saw a softer version of the bob which became known as the Pageboy cut


Liza Minnelli gives us her version of the 1920’s bob for her role as Sally Bowles in Cabaret


Erin O’Connor wears it well


A longer bob, worn by Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, resurrected the style for the 1990’s

Although Carey Mulligan was the lead actress in The Great Gatsby, to my mind nobody looked more amazing than Elizabeth Debicki who stole the show with her poise and elegance. Now if I could carry that hair cut off like she does, I would be making my appointment to be bobbed today.


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