Stylist’s House Hove

I love the kitsch, eclectic home of stylist and wardrobe mistress, Tina Boulton, whose Hove flat was featured in this weekends Telegraph magazine.

I get a little tired of looking at identikit homes in magazines and the thrill of buying interior magazines, is wearing off a little as the images inside have all started blending into one. Don’t get me wrong, its a big part of my job and the part I still love the most, looking for inspiration, but I can flick through magazines a lot quicker of late, as if you’ve seen one you’ve kind of seen them all? This home however, is a one off and really captures the personality and interests of the owner. Tina, a one time visual merchandiser, stylist and now dresser at Glyndebourne, where she looks after the costumes of the singers.

Many of the collections in her home, have been squirreled together over years of traveling and trawling boot sales and markets and some are props from productions she has worked on. This home though kitsch and a bit mad, is so carefully curated that it looks stylish and individual. I love it’s quirkiness and could spend hours nosying around at the interesting objects. All of the best homes I have ever been in are full of the personality of the owners, who are not afraid to add items that they love and they have not just been told to love by some style bible.


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