Formby Beach Merseyside

As Monday was our last day of sunshine in the North West, myself and Mr B headed for Formby Beach to catch the last rays.

If you’ve never been to Formby before, it is an hours drive from Manchester and 10miles from Liverpool and such a lovely beach, protected by The National Trust.

As well as the sand dunes, where wild asparagus is grown, a tradition The National Trust are trying to keep alive, with local farmers, there are also lovely walks through the woods, where there is a Red Squirrel sanctuary. For a fee of £5 to park, this also gives you access into the squirrel walk, which is a protected area with feeding boxes, where you can spot the red squirrels.

The only facility in this lovely natural habitat is a van which sells ice creams, cold drinks and coffees but Formby town centre has plenty of bakers and coffee shops, as well as a M&S and Waitrose for picnic snacks.

It is a beautiful spot for a beach day and lovely for children with the added attraction of spotting a real basil brush!


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