Gypsy Caravans

On Sunday we spent the day celebrating a friends birthday with her in her garden. As a present to herself she has bought the most amazing gypsy caravan, completely original and restored back to it’s former glory. It is glorious and she is completely thrilled with it as it is something she has wanted and dreamt of owning, since being a young girl.

The amazing 1906 caravan

Beautifully, craftsman made, with sash windows and shutters on the outside

The wood burning stove provides extra heat in the winter.

The bespoke cabin bed has loads of storage underneath and original brass folding shelves to contain all the beautiful vintage bedding my friend has collected.

Gypsy style is a trend that has grown over the last few years, certainly fuelled by the popularity of glamping. To get the style you need to use a riot of colour, lots of lace and rose patterned fabrics and pottery and not to be afraid to mix it up.

I love the romanticism of the style and the history of the Romany people is fascinating. My friends caravan was originally built in 1906 for an eccentric Lord, who travelled the country with his dog for a companion but other vans have been home to large families. The bespoke cabin bed in my friends van has sliding doors under neath, where she houses her guitar, a gypsy essential, but she told me it was originally extra sleeping accommodation for the children of the family. You can read the full, fascinating, history of Debbie’s caravan on Gypsy Waggons.

How did these families leave cheek by jowl in such a confined space?

I love this picture of grandma still belting out a tune!

The style of gypsy dressing can easily be interpreted using layers of clothing and jewellery and is a great summer style, when you can easily pick up hand made jewellery and embroidered clothes from european markets.


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