There’s something about India, that’s in my psyche at the moment. It started when my big brother told me he and his wife are due to travel around India, later this year, visiting some of the places that have always fascinated him, such as Shimla.

Then I started watching Rick Steins India, which takes the viewer on a culinary and cultural trip around India. Ok it’s heavily edited to appeal to the viewer but they don’t hide too much away and you get a good impression of the country, warts and all, but still the overall impression is one of lovely spiritual people, who enjoy a relatively traditional life, unchanged over the years, where food is of upmost importance. The people who work in the kitchens of the temples, throughout India, where food is cooked to feed the poor, for free, believe that to nourish yourself, you must first nourish your soul. We have a lot to learn? In our country, the tradition of sitting down to eat with family and friends is very often, reserved for special occasions? And the colours of India are every where,from the traditional saris worn by the women to the buildings and the food. It makes us Brits look so conservative. The famous quote by Diana Vreeland about pink was not over stated.

A worker dries roses to make rose water, which is heavily used in the food.

Could it be wearing pink from head to toe, makes you this happy?

 Acouple of weeks ago, I was briefed on the A/W ’13 trends, that I will start shooting in September for a large retailer and one of the main trends for the season will be India. The mood board put together by the buying department and visual merchandisers for the creative teams to interpret, included mother of pearl furniture, hot colours such as pinks and orange, four poster beds with sheer voile curtains and punched metals inspired by traditional crafts still employed throughout India. Surely arches will appear in the set designed for the shoot, they are synonymous with indian architecture?

I’m not sure if I will be given this trend to style for photography but I do know that I am longing to follow my brothers passage through India and this weekend my kitchen has been wafting with the scents of coriander and ginger as I follow Rick Steins recipes to feed the stomachs and souls of my family.


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  1. 1 August, 2013 / 8:19 am

    Some lovely photographic inspiration here…and maybe one day we will go there….but for now we are off to Wales!

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