Blue Jasmine at The Cornerhouse Manchester

Myself and Mr B went to see Woody Allen’s new film, Blue Jasmine,on Friday night at The Cornerhouse Manchester.

The film is good, but not great, still worth seeing though for the fantastic acting and insight into the flaws and facets of peoples characters which Woody Allen always observes so well.

The Cornerhouse is a great venue for an intimate film viewing with a busy little bar and on Friday night when we were there, they had a DJ spinning vinyl classics which added to the ambience.

Surprisingly quite a few people, I spoke to over the weekend about the film, thought The Cornerhouse was closed but it is on the move shortly and will be rehoused in a new Arts centre, which is to be called “Home”, due to open in 2015. In the meantime, it’s still business as usual, with a full season of exhibitions and films, a small shop selling a great range of arts mags and of course a handy place to meet friends, straight off the train at oxford Road.

If, like me you prefer to view films at small independent cinemas there is a great source of venues on the Independent Cinema Office which lists venues according to region.


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