Home Made Christmas Crafts~ Snow Globes

If you enjoy making crafts for Christmas, this one is especially easy to do with small children and needs very little to be bought, which is always a bonus.

For a working snow globe all you need is the following:
Mini Tree or scene of your choice

To make the snow globe simply: 

  1. Glue your chosen scene to the lid of the container. Kilner jars or vintage sugar shakers look great for this.
  2. Fill the jar approximately 3/4 of the way with one part glycerin to four parts water.
  3. Add the glitter.
  4. Screw the lid back on, ensuring the glue has dried and shake!

This snow scene from Sweet Paul is made using rock salt

These jars were brushed with glue on the top and bottom before the glitter or fake snow were added, to create a frosted effect.

For something more minimal simply place your chosen Christmas scene under a small bell jar


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