Christmas Crafts

As we are now into December and many of us have got our tree up or are certainly thinking about decorating the house for the season, I thought I’d post a few more simple Christmas craft ideas. For those of you who are a bit disorganised, like me, take heart that these are super simple and a bit of fun and can be practically made on Christmas eve!

Loved this idea for displaying Christmas cards, which will be a change from me usually hanging lengths of ribbon on the back of the door. I think I might make mine all white or neon pink would look great in my daughters room?

This is such a simple but effective idea, which i found in Sweet Paul magazine. I don’t think I would cut my books up though, as suggested in the instructions. If you can get access to a colour photocopier or scanner that will keep your books looking good for longer?

How cute are these peanut snow men. A healthy alternative for your tree decorations maybe?

This is so easy to make but I love him and it is perfect for a salvaged upcycled scheme.

These are great for the kids to make.


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