Dunham Massey visit to Santa

We’ve just come back from taking our little friend jack, who’s three and our daughter and her friend to visit Santa at Dunham Massey park and hall, which is owned by The National trust.

Amber and Megan, at 12, are a little too old now to fully believe in Santa, but still enjoyed the experience but, it was magical to watch Jack tell Santa what he was hoping for at Christmas.

If you are going to take a small child to see Santa before Christmas, I can really recommend a National trust visit, as it is so well presented and traditional, nothing tacky or materialistic, a very old fashioned Christmas atmosphere. After a walk around the park, we had hot chocolate and Christmas tree gingerbread in the cafe, which is located in the stable block, and then made our way through the courtyard, to the old kitchen quarters, where we waited in anticipation to see the great man. Hopefully Jack, Amber and Megan will get all their wishes granted?

Festive fodder for the reindeer

Santas work is done today!

The pretty houses in the village, still owned by The National trust looked lovely dressed with their Christmas Lights


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