Simple Christmas Table Decorations

Today a lot of people will be preparing their tables for the big event, the Christmas dinner.

Although there are lots of table decorations in the stores, its so easy to bring some festive atmosphere to your setting, with simple foliage from the garden or your local florist.

I like to use herbs and scented branches from plants in the garden such as Rosemary, bay and eucalyptus which add another dimension to the table.

Here are some super simple ideas that will take no time at all, because lets face it, by this stage of the game, we usually have no time at all!

Tiny wreaths of Rosemary tied with twine can be placed on each plate at the table or used to hold napkins

Cinnamon sticks are the smell of Christmas

Nordic naturelness using foliage from the garden

Simple is sometimes best?

This pine cone painted black brings a chic simplicity to table settings

I love using branches of berries around the house at Christmas

Gather bunches of herbs and hang them from cupboards and doors to scent your home

Using black card cut stars and attach using household pegs for personalised name settings

Keep it monochrome for a more contemporary table setting

A variety of paper pom poms in different sizes and co-ordinating colours look super stylish

Pretty lights and votives add atmosphere to any table


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