Natural Elements in The Home

It’s a beautiful morning in the North West of England and a lovely day for a bracing walk. I’ve just driven through the Cheshire Lanes back to my home, one of the benefits of dropping our son at college, and stopped to take these pictures just to capture the lovely English countryside in the low winter sun.

Nature provides us with lots of free treasures for decorating our homes and at this time of year, branches, twigs, feathers, antlers and even old deserted birds nests found in hedges, make great decorative features. 

I love these new growths of fern, which look very sculptural in their embryonic state.

Some of my own collection of natural finds which I keep for props. My birds nest came all the way from California, bought from Laura at Planet Vintage girl and is apparently a Robins nest.


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  1. Anonymous 31 January, 2014 / 12:15 pm

    Hi Karen,

    What inspiration, These pictures are fab. How effective the displays are by using things that are on our doorstep and don't cost anything. I love reading your blogs.

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