Gluten Free Restaurants & Cafes Manchester

I’ve recently become aware of just how many people suffer from food allergies and how many more restaurants are catering for this.

I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease 10 years ago after a period of illness and general lethargy and really struggled back then to find any good food to eat while on the go. Going out to eat in the evening to restaurants wasn’t too much of a problem but trying to find something for a quick snack or lunch was practically impossible and so I became used to just taking my own food with me any where I went.

I was recently told by a colleague that his little boy had been diagnosed and he was still trying to get to grips with where they could eat out as a family, so I thought I’d post a blog for anybody living in Manchester, who might be interested in my favourite places in the city that cater for Gluten free customers.

1. Dough

Based in manchester’s Northern Quarter, this family friendly pizza restaurant can make any of their pizzas with a gluten free base. They are delicious and the toppings are far from the norm, on my last visit I had pulled pork with caramelized onions and apple, which was a gorgeous as it sounds.

2. Carluccios

With restaurants in Manchester’s Spinningfields and the Trafford Centre, carluccios provide a full Gluten Free menu and additional Gluten free breakfast menu, which is perfect for business meetings or a quick snack whilst shopping.

3. Sweet Mandarin

Again based in the Northern Quarter of the city, this award winning Chinese Restaurant is perfect for a special occasion, catering for Gluten allergens.

4. Tea 42

Recently opened tea rooms on Manchesters High Street you can satisfy your sweet tooth with a range of gluten free cakes and a full afternoon tea consisting of a choice of sandwiches, cakes & cream scones. Now that is a treat!

5. La Tasca

This chain of tapas restaurants is family friendly & makes eating for the gluten free customer easy peasy by marking everything suitable on the menu with a GF symbol.

6. Pond Quay

This suburban Chinese restaurant which has been a fixture in Urmston town centre for many years & provides a full Coeliac menu. They can also deliver to your home within a certain radius. The food is excellent and very authentic.

7. The Laundrette

This restaurant which opened in the summer, on Beech Road Chorlton does what it says on the tin with cocktails and carbs, but with every pizza available on a gluten free base, it makes eating out with friends simple. I’ve not tried it yet but friends who have say they were impressed with the regular pizza, .

8. Whittakers Fish Bar 

Owned by some friends of mine, Bev & Stuart, I am not being biased when I say that the gluten free fish & chips here are delicious. Their chip shop is award winning, which is praise indeed. Former chef Stuart, has developed his menu with the help of the Coeliac society and now provides gluten free fish, every day, With delicious homemade gluten free pies, and GF gravy and curry sauce available. The chip shop has a small cafe in the back where you can enjoy a selection of gluten free cakes and hot puddings with custard.



  1. Anonymous 10 February, 2014 / 9:44 am

    Hi Karen,

    what a useful blog this is. Great idea and very well presented. One of our friends requires gluten free and we usually visit Pond Quay. I will make him aware of your blog. We now have many more dining options. Thank You.

  2. Karen Barlow 8 March, 2014 / 7:10 pm

    Glad you enjoyed the post and that you found it helpful. i think there are definitely more restaurants getting geared up towards the gluten free customer now, which is great news for sufferers. I used to dread eating out when i was first diagnosed but there is a great choice of places to eat now.

  3. Nina Modak 18 May, 2014 / 2:27 pm

    Hi thanks for your post! You're so right about finding things to eat at lunch time or snacks. My boyfriend and I are both gluten-intolerant and are always trying to figure out where we could go out to eat together. I also have a anaphylaxis to nuts which makes things even harder. (I started my own business making allergy safe cakes because many of my friends and I had a hard time finding something for our birthdays we could all eat. Love for you to check out my facebook page:
    We're really looking forward to trying out some of these places! Thanks for the post again!

  4. Karen Barlow 22 May, 2014 / 11:22 am

    I will definitely check out your facebook page & I wish you every success with your business, it sounds like a great idea as more people are suffering from food allergies. Thanks for reading my blog, please follow me if you like what I write as I'm trying to increase my traffic to attract sponsors.

  5. corrierules 5 November, 2014 / 6:38 pm

    Apologies if this is a repeat post. I had some technical difficulties

    Thanks for this very helpful blog. Hubby and I plan to visit the Corrie set in Manchester — are any of these restaurants nearby? (We live in Canada)

    • Karen Barlow 5 November, 2014 / 8:24 pm

      Hi Thanks for leaving a comment, I really appreciate that you read my blog post and found it useful.
      Most of the restaurants that I have listed are city centre locations close to Coronation Street, apart from the last three entries. However if you want to stay within spitting distance of Coronation Street, I can recommend the following:

      Pizza Express on peter Street is a chain that serves excellent Pizzas and they now have a full GF menu. For more fine dining there is Mr Coopers located in The Midland Hotel, again on Peter Street and again they have a separate GF menu.
      On Quay Street, which is very close to your venue, you have The Grill on The Alley, which is, as the name suggests, on an alley off Quay Street and serves simple grills, steaks etc, so perfect for a GF diet. I have eaten there and it is very good and serves wonderful cocktails! Also just off Quay Street is a very authentic Spanish Tapas restaurant, El Rincon and for anybody on a GF diet, Tapas is pretty fail safe, with exceptions of course. Manchester has a large Spanish community and this restaurant gets very busy but unfortunately you can't make a reservation, however if there are only 2 of you, you should be ok.
      Have a wonderful trip to Manchester and I hope you enjoy your Coronation Street experience!

      Kind regards,


  6. Doug Hall 28 December, 2015 / 6:44 pm


    Just tried to book Pond Quay to be told they don't do gluten free on Saturdays. Very odd.


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