Botany, Conservatories & Potting Sheds~Trend

There’s a current trend for all things botanical which has been bubbling under the surface for a few seasons, but has now hit the High Street.

Everything you would see in a Victorian conservatory is now gracing our homes and it is a breath of fresh air and perfect to herald the start of spring.

These beautiful images were shot by catherine Gratwicke, not sure who styled them though so unfortunately I can’t credit the stylist.

Next have captured this trend beautifully with fern printed fabrics and lamps styled on glass hot houses, reminiscent of kew gardens.

Other lovely fabrics and wallpapers are available, many with a fern print and of course bell jars and botanical illustrations are available to complete the look.

Fern fabric and wallpapers from Sanderson

This green based bell jar is from Bouf

Botanical illustrations from Rose & Grey

Last year I styled this shot for a client, to showcase their product for the trend they called Curious Collections. Using simple planters, ferns and trailing plants, it gives a nod to the look.

If you like this look, you will love The Botanist, a lovely chain of bars, with a restaurant. Myself and Mr B ate at the Alderley Edge bar last week and we felt like we were indeed sitting in a garden potting shed, of the sort you would find at the bottom of the garden if a rambling old house. Lovely! The team behind the design have gone all out to create the atmosphere using scrap wood walls, rusty tools displayed on the walls and an eclectic mix of furniture and lighting, all brought together with vintage botanists drawings and flora & fauna.


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