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As I am quickly approaching, or hurtling towards my 5th decade (ssh!) I am looking closely at what other stylish women of my age group, are wearing. I love clothes and feel nothing like my age, so am not about to start wearing sensible shoes and comfy cardigans any time soon, but I don’t want to look like a 1664, 16 from the back and inappropriate from the front!

I know it’s brilliant to have a devil may care attitude to clothes and I completely applaud the fabulous fashionista brigade of older ladies who still want to make a style statement, but cool classic dressing with a tomboy attitude is definitely more my thing.

Photo of Tziporah Salamon on her bike from That’s Not my Age blog

And so with all this in mind and a trip to Paris on the horizon, I am constantly finding myself looking at shots of cool head girl(ok Editor in Chief, to be precise) of Vogue Paris, Emmanuelle Alt.

Just three years younger than me, almost to the day, her signature style of skinny jeans, a blazer and towering heels, is a great mix for my generation. Her fashion credentials are impressive and with a husband who is artistic director of Isabel Marant and a mother who was a former fashion model for Lanvin & Nina Ricci, she is one to watch and learn from.

For more great musings for women of a certain age, I love reading That’s Not my age, a brilliant blog written by journalist and former fashion editor, Alyson Walsh and This is 50, by photographer Kristin Perers. Both these women have great style and a lot to say and there should be more of us out there talking about our wonderful lives. When you hit middle age, you don’t change inside, you are still the same person with a mind full of thoughts, creativity and enthusiasm and wisdom which should be shared. I love reading about what these women have been doing, where they’ve travelled to and what they have learnt, seen or bought on the way. Check them out and be inspired!


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