A Garden Party at a Friends Allotment

On Saturday my friend Lynsey invited me to her sisters allotment open day and garden party. A few years ago, allotments were mainly tended to by old men in flat chaps, but today there is an ever growing trend for young families and couples, interested in where their food is grown, to take on an allotment plot, and waiting lists, around the country, are at an all time high.

Jo’s allotment is at The Grove in Urmston, which is really well attended and looked after and on Saturday, despite the heavy rain, looked a vision of lovely British tradition, with it’s rows of bunting, home grown produce for sale and hand made cakes and tea, under the gazebo.

Jo told me that a few of the couples on the allotment, met whilst working on their plots and several romances have turned into marriage. It appears that it’s a very sociable hobby, with many evenings spent drinking wine and chatting to neighbours whilst the sun sets.

It is certainly something I could see myself getting into when I have more time on my hands and it’s a very safe environment for little ones. My friends son Jack, who turns 4 soon, makes a new friend every time he’s down there and spent most of Saturday afternoon running round in the rain with his new pal. If there are any open days at allotments near you, I would definitely go along and buy some plants or produce at knockdown prices.I bought this box of herbs, a chilli plant and some strawberries all for £5.00 and you’re also supporting part of your local community.

If you are interested in applying for an allotment, you can contact your local council or The National Allotment Society for more information and The Grove can be contacted on their Facebook page.


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  1. Anonymous
    31 May, 2014 / 9:47 am

    Hi Karen

    I love to see and hear of British traditions and you have captured this well. It is really encouraging that allotments are appealing to a younger generation and as a hobby to include their youngsters all the better. Your photographs of the plots look stunning and what a bargain you got with your plants.

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