Manchester Art Gallery~Frank Auerbach Collection donated by Lucien Freud

Yesterday I went with my daughter shopping to Manchester City Centre. Manchester is a great city and it has everything you need within close proximity, High Street Stores, independent shops, great cafes & bars and of course galleries for a little bit of culture.

On the way home we popped into Manchester City Art Gallery to have a spot of afternoon tea and also to see the Frank Auerbach collection of paintings and sketches, recently donated to the nation by Lucien Freud, in lieu of unpaid taxes. Manchester Art Gallery is the collections temporary home until it transfers to it’s permanent home, Tate Britain, so it seemed silly not to see the work whilst I could? The gallery is a beautiful building with an almost unrivalled collection of pre raphaelite paintings and well worthy of a visit at any time.

Whilst waiting for our order in the cafe, I picked up a couple of flyers, one for a Tapas evening, which is a great idea to encourage people to visit the gallery. I know this is something they do at other galleries, Tate St Ives & The Centre Pompidou are two I know of that open regularly in the evening to serve food & wine.

The other event is another brilliant idea, encouraging people to take just half an hour to be mindful of their surroundings and de-stress. This, they believe, transports you from the constant thoughts that flood our minds, that perhaps, lead to stress? Art therapy is not a new idea, so it’s certainly something worth exploring, if you’re feeling stressed or just want a few moments to totally relax your mind, Why not give it a go?As a busy mum of two, I’m all for a bit of me time when ever I can get it?


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