Derriere ~Paris Restaurant

One of the restaurants we had read about before our trip to Paris, was Derriere, owned by the same people who have Sketch & Momo in London, so we knew it would be different.

Luckily for us it was literally round the corner from our apartment on Rue des Gravilliers, which also has some very cool bars lining the street, so it became a favourite haunt of ours over the next few evenings.

Andy Wahloo, is next door to Derriere, and is again owned by the same people, so we knew the interior would be different from the usual Parisian bar.

Derriere is approached through a courtyard, which leads to a three storey house. The whole of the restaurant is laid out as though it is somebodys home, with made up beds in the rooms upstairs, which diners sit on to eat. It’s very bohemian, with an arty crowd and the interior is a quirky mix of antiques and retro kitsch, with very low lighting. Mr B said it reminded him of a student squat but it is, of course, much more considered than that? Although I have to say looking back at our photos, he may have a point?

These wonderful images are taken by Andrea ferrari which I have added as our own below are quite dark and I wanted you to see the rough luxe splendour of the interior properly.

The meal was very traditional in it’s style. Most of the starters consisted of plates of vegetables, with dressings. I had black carrots with sesame oil, maple syrup & coriander and Mr B had beetroot, with walnuts and creme fraiche. I still can’t believe we paid €20 for two plates of vegetables, but you do get caught up in the moment and they were particularly nice vegetables. For our main course, I had beef cheeks, which came in a heavy iron casserole dish, with baby carrots & new potatoes and Mr B had pork, with a selection of wild mushrooms. All very nice and very rustic country. My sweet was the most unusual thing I have ever had. It was called floating islands and was a ball of soft fluffy meringue floating in a sea of creme anglaise and sprinkled with popping candy. Not bad, but can’t say I’d rush to have it again. Anyway as my mum says, it was an experience! I was a bit worried it was going to be like a Jimi Hendrix experience at first but I lived to tell the tale.


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