Natural Beauty Returns?

Are we finally seeing a backlash to the botoxed brows which have dominated during the noughties and beyond? The general attitude to cosmetic surgery now seems to be that it is normal, but even more scary is, that it’s normal to have it in your 20’s when you are in your prime.

As a lady (debatable?) of a certain age, I can’t believe how many beautiful bright young things tamper with their perfect features in the pursuit of, what is in their opinion, even more perfection, but I think, or I feel, that there is finally a backlash, to all this behaviour, in the air?

Chanel are using super natural, supermodel Gisele Bundchen in their Les Beiges natural cosmetics campaign and we recently saw a whole bunch of celebrities and the rest of us follow, showing our bare faces with selfies for a cancer charity appeal. The trend for natural eyebrows continues with Cara Delevingne, and her tremendous brows, fronting practically every campaign, magazine cover and runway show and i recently saw these lovely images for J Crew Summer 2014 collection, who used this natural beauty with wind swept hair and untamed brows.

Only this week, reality TV stars and Z list celebs spoke about their plans for the removal of their various plastic body parts and fillers, a sure sign the tide is turning?

As a mum of a beautiful 12 year old girl, with dewy skin, full lips and major brows, who is yet unaware of her natural lovely features, I couldn’t be happier that this ridiculous trend is starting, hopefully, to wane, but then again as her mother, I see it as my job to equip her with enough knowledge and confidence to realise that, while she is lucky enough to be blessed with a beautiful face, a beautiful person is so much more attractive and that intelligence, integrity, humility and the ambition to strive for your goals are truly what makes a person attractive?

Do you agree? Let me know your thoughts, I’d love to hear your views.

Let me leave you with one of the original natural beauties who started a look, back in the 80’s for big caterpillar eyebrows. Still rocking a natural look today, in her 50’s, Ms Brooke Shields, I salute you!


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