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Do you ever go into a shop that is so brilliant and the owner such a character that you think to yourself, you could make a TV show about this? Well I went into such a shop last week when I was in Lytham St Annes in Lancashire and apparently a crew had just finished filming a pilot series of 12 shows, that the are hoping to get commissioned about the shop and it’s owner.

The shop in question is called Fascination and as well as the name being like something from a long lost era, the shop itself is. It sells only perfume and makeup and reminded me of the perfumeries that they still have all over France & Italy, but are so rare to find in the UK. We seem to buy all our perfume from department stores, which is such a shame as what this shop doesn’t stock isn’t worth knowing about.

The owner Lynn Bramwell-Griffiths, has owned her business for 20 years and she is so knowledgeable about what is obviously her passion, fragrance, that you just know without asking that this has not been learnt in only 20 years, this has been a lifelong passion.

As just a small example of the range of perfumes Fascination stock, we were lured into the shop by a bottle of Comme De Garcons in the window, which Mr B wears and you could once only buy in Harvey Nichols in Manchester. Lynn didn’t just have the three fragrances that Mr B already has, she had multiple new fragrances in the range, that we had never heard of.

I myself am no stranger to unusual, not to be easily sniffed out (see what I did there?) fragrances and Lynn knew not only of them, but where the shops were throughout Europe that you could buy them. I’m talking expertise here!

If you are out and about and fancy a day in Lytham, call into Fascination and you will be enthralled with the amount and diversity of stock, and by Lynn and her staff. If you live further afield, you can order online here.


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  1. Fiona 28 July, 2014 / 3:13 pm

    I live in Lytham and I've never stumbled across this place, where abouts is it based? It looks great!

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