Moorish Style and Inspiration

I was just flicking through the supplement “Finishing Touches” that came with last month’s Homes & Gardens magazine and was struck by how much Moorish influences are inspiring designers at the moment.

From intricate tile designs, to chevrons and simple block patterns, it all heralds from Spain and The Moors, who have reigned in many countries such as Portugal and North Africa, over some period in the past and left their mark in the form of their wonderfully ornate architecture and designs.

Here are some of the shots from the magazine, illustrating the use of ornate shutters, wallpaper & floor and wall tiles, all bearing elements of this signature style. I have put together a design board with some Moorish inspired products from the High Street. Marks & Spencer seem to be blazing a trail with this trend and this season in general, they have really upped their game with their home accessories, furniture and photography in their in store brochures.

  1. Aladdin Wallpaper from Neisha Crosland
  2. Medina Cushion in Pewter~Nicki Jones
  3. Moroccan Tile Print Cushion~Marks & Spencer
  4. Chevron Tealight Holder~Marks & Spencer
  5. Tapestry Tiles Black~Piazza Tiles
  6. Chevron Pendant Shade~BHS
  7. Star Circle Bedding~Marks & Spencer


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