Trend – Chunky Crochet Knits

I always love buying interior mags from the Airport on my way back from a trip overseas, you can get some great inspiration from the pages and quite often something you see that seems to be every where in the country you’re in, hasn’t transcended home yet.

I found that Holland has a major trend at the moment for knitting or crochet, on huge wooden needles, using cotton jersey yarn.

We’ve seen this trend already in the UK, with the large crochet knitted poufs that have been everywhere from Nordic designers such as Ferm Living to every High Street retailer, but in Amsterdam anything and everything that could possibly be knitted or crochet was. 

Poufs from Ferm Living

Here are a few of the designs I found, in magazines I brought back.

These are very sweet little crochet squares strung up like Eastern prayer flags

I love this chunky crochet throw in a warm earthy tone.

During our visit to The Sunday Artisan market, one of my crafty (in the nicest possible way) friends bought one of the wooden crochet hooks and a pattern for this cushion from Shades of Yesterday and made this. I love it so much, I’ve already put my order in!



  1. 17 July, 2014 / 11:34 am

    Wow the cushion your friend has made is gorgeous!! I'm just getting into crochet, haven't tried chunky crochet but think I will now 🙂

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