Wooden Beads as Decoration

When I was in Amsterdam, I noticed there were lots of shops selling large strings of wooden beads, used as decoration around the home.

They seem really hard to find in the UK but you can string your own and Etsy have a large selection of plain wooden beads, which can also be painted.

Here are a few images from interior magazines that I bought in Holland. Sadly I can’t read Dutch otherwise I would be able to tell you were they could be bought from.

These two images are from Style Files blog

Wooden beaded star available from Houzz

I have also had my eye on some beaded chandeliers for some time for Chez Barlow but sadly all the ones I have found are very expensive and way out of budget, so until they hit the High Street, they will have to wait. Here are some to lust over in the meantime.

Bodie & Fou

Snapped on my visit to Merci Paris

I did have an idea to pimp the Bali wooden chandelier that Next were selling last summer but sadly they are no longer available. If anybody knows where I can still get them, please let me know!


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