Gluten Free Goodies in West Didsbury Manchester

As a coeliac and a lover of the ritual of high tea, it can be a let down sometimes, when all you want is a slab of cake and a good cup of tea. Many times, I’ve gone into cafes and tea shops to be told that the only gluten free offering of the day, sold out ages ago!

Well on Saturday after trying three previous establishments on Burton Road in West Didsbury Manchester, which is the kind of bohemian area, you would expect to find GF offerings (not that I’m a bohemian you understand, but I’m sure you get my drift) I was delighted to find an array of offerings at and The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon.

This very sweet little cafe, all white walls, pale grey formica tables and recycled clothes shop fittings, housing the crockery and cutlery, had not one but three types of gluten free treats. This is a regular occurrence and everything is baked freshly on the premises, throughout the day, so that nothing sells out by midday, as is often the case.

Amongst the cakes on Saturday, I was offered Gluten Free scones in the form of a cream tea. This I have to say, I have not experienced for almost 12 years and it was well worth the wait. Served up with a choice of strawberry, raspberry or damson jam and thick clotted cream and a choice of tea from the vast selection, they were delicious. All the brownies and blondies are also gluten free and there is usually another choice of cake such as lemon drizzle, Victoria sponge or cupcakes.

Obviously if you don’t have to worry about such things, there is an even more amazing choice of cakes and homemade goodies such as banana bread or baked cheesecakes for you lucky people.

It’s worth checking out the website for events and classes that run throughout the year and special occasion cakes and afternoon teas, with a cheeky glass of fizz can be pre booked.


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