5 of the best new Supermarket home accessories from George Asda

We all have our favourite supermarkets where we prefer to shop but how many of us look at the Homewares section? No me neither really but I think all that’s about to change after I spied the new Luna collection by Asda.

The range has tapped into all the latest key trends in interiors from copper, to cork and marble and all at Asda prices. At this point I should tap my back jeans pocket but as I’m not a vlogger you’ll have to imagine this bit! What I’m trying to say is they are cheap, but look like they could have been bought from some chic Scandinavian site.

Here’s my top 5 buys and it’s definitely worth going online or in store and checking out the rest of the range.

Glazed copper canister £4.00

Cork notice board £6.00

Matt black & cork shade £20.00

Copper star cushion £7.00

Set of 4 place mats £5.00


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  1. 7 October, 2015 / 9:57 am

    I really like this range – you have picked some lovely products. Honestly, I've never given George/Asda homewares much of a look – I will pop in! thanks

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