Perfumer H ~ Lynn Harris of Miller Harris Bespoke London Shop

As a young woman of 18, I was bought my first grown up perfume as a gift from my mum. The perfume, Miss Dior ,was in a square glass bottle with a cut glass stopper and I felt the height of sophistication dabbing drops of this heady fragrance behind my ears and onto my wrists before a night out. Ever since those days, when I realised that there were far more sophisticated scents than Charlie by Revlon, I have been a bit of a perfume connoisseur, constantly seeking out the new and the unusual.

As I’ve grown older, I’m more drawn to traditional and vaguely familiar smells in my perfume of choice and the blends by perfumer Lynn Harris for Miller Harris have been a constant favourite. Such a fan of her fragrances I am, I even have a Miller Harris designed wallpaper in our lounge, based on the flower head sketches seen on her packaging.

How excited I was to read recently then, that she has opened a new shop in London, Perfumer H, where you can have an consultation with her and from that have your own bespoke fragrance blended. What excited me further was to learn that the shop interior has been designed by Retrouvius, who specialise in utilising reclaimed pieces and materials within their interior designs.

The interior of the new shop is simple and minimalist, it’s all about the product and showcasing that. Hand blown glass bottles are framed within reclaimed wooden cases, which have been lined with velvet and linen fabric, each one in a rich sensual colour, that can be changed seasonally to complement the changes in the fragrances. 

The furniture pieces chosen, are mid 20th Century originals, to appeal to both a male or female customer and the entire interior has a calming aesthetic, ensuring nothing distracts you from your quest to find the perfect perfume. 

Behind the shop front is the lab where the magic happens and the walls are lined with shelves reclaimed from a school chemistry lab, to house the various oils.

Retrouvious show time and time again the using recycled materials is the way forward for intelligent and beautiful design. 


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