What I’ve Learnt about Blogging over the last 5 years

So about 5 years ago or more I started writing this blog. To be honest, back then I had no idea how a blog worked, other than that you wrote about something, hopefully of interest, added some pictures, better if they were your own, but it didn’t matter too much and then posted it? 5 years ago I didn’t realise the importance of also sharing said post on social media sites and that, my friends, was my first mistake!

Over the last 5 years I’ve gone from loving writing my blog, to it being a chore sometimes, many times if I’m honest, with work commitments and a demanding family life and as these other demands took over I decided to put my blog on the back burner, out to graze for a bit, to be honest, again, I’d given up on it.

This was for many reasons but mainly because it felt like I was writing for no reason any more, to nobody. I’ve realised recently however, through talking to other blogger friends, that I actually miss writing and sharing experiences with like minded people. It’s never going to get me a Booker prize, but I enjoy it, it’s my hobby and I miss writing (did I just say that again?!)

What I’ve learnt  from blogging is this:

Some people will read your blog and enjoy it but not tell you, some people will.
Some people will read your blog and not enjoy it and they will tell you that!
Some people won’t understand why you bother to write it, others will totally get it.
It’s a form of diary, a sharing information tool, it’s a way of collating your images, whether they be good or bad.
If you enjoy it, don’t over think it or justify it to anybody or most importantly compare it to other blogs.

So with all this in mind I’ve decided to go back to blogging, whenever I can and whenever I want to and again importantly, when I have the time. I’m going to try however to be consistent, there’s nothing worse than following a blogger who drops out for months on end, guilty your honor! If I can, I’m aiming for once a week, if I’ve got something to say.

To kick start the blog again I’m collaborating with a local interior shop who have provided me with a prize for my readers (no this isn’t the prize just a teaser about the shop!)

There’ll be more news on this soon.

If you’re still following my blog after all these years, thanks for sticking with me and if you’ve just come across this post, stayed tuned and welcome aboard!

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  1. Sophie 9 September, 2016 / 1:36 pm

    Good advice Karen, I have always wanted to get into the swing of blogging, I'll come across something and think 'I could blog about that!' but never get round to it. Maybe I should just bite the bullet! Anyway I have always read and enjoyed your blog & always trust your recommendations on here, if you write about trends or exhibitions, I know they must be worth researching / visiting! So please keep writing and sharing your wisdom!

    Sophie X

    • Karen Barlow 9 September, 2016 / 6:58 pm

      Thanks Sophie for the vote of confidence and I think you should definitely keep blogging too, i've always enjoyed reading your posts x

  2. Helloitsgemma 10 September, 2016 / 5:09 pm

    Yay! Fab post. I've had similar ups and downs. Currently feeling positive and in the groove too. Pleased you are back to blogging.

    • Karen Barlow 10 September, 2016 / 6:09 pm

      Hi Gemma, thanks for replying, this is another area I need to tackle as my replies don't always get back to the person who was kind enough to leave a comment. It's a funny thing isn't it, laying yourself open to criticism but I think sometimes we are our own worst critics? Onward & upwards I say my friend x

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