Easy Rustic Country Style Foliage Christmas Wreath

This is, I grant you, a very last minute tutorial on how to make a Christmas wreath, but to be honest, if you’re anything like me and have a hectic rush towards Christmas, then you will still be thinking about making yours anyway?

This wreath is so easy to make and can be practically cobbled together with any flowers, berries or foliage you can find in any local florists or while out walking, and the more last minute, the better it will look as we head towards the big day, this weekend.

You will need:

  1. A  12″ flat wire double wreath ring from your florist
  2. some floristry wire
  3. scissors or secateurs
  4. fresh moss
  5. Selection of flowers, berries, foliage

Start by filling the gap between the outer and the inner circles of your flat wire wreath ring with the moss.

Next secure the moss be tightly wrapping the floristry wire completely around the whole wreath ring.

Next make fan shaped bundles of foliage,berries or flowers from your chosen selection be crossing them over each other from left to right alternatively, holding them tightly in your hand at the base. Trim any excess stems so that each stem is equal in length, using your secateurs.

Ignore my grubby hands and nails, this is not clean work. If you are precious about your hands or nails, then I would advise wearing gardening gloves although you can probably get a better grip without them?

Attach each bundle of foliage and berries to the moss covered wreath laying it flat and tightly winding the base of the bundle to the ring with the floristry wire. Pull the wire very tight so that there is no slack at all and snip the wire once it is firmly secure. I always work by laying the first bundle on the top of the ring facing to the right of me. Then overlay the next bundle facing in the same direction with the head of the bundle covering the base of the first and so on until the whole ring is covered. 

To hang the wreath make a loop by cutting a good length of floristry wire, bending it in half to form a horse shoe shape and poking the two loose ends through the middle of the two rings so that the top of the loop is against the moss. Then with the two loose ends bend them back towards yourself, thread through the top of the wire which is against the moss and pull tightly to secure. Twist the two loose ends together to secure and this will form a loop to hang. If you prefer you could attach some natural coloured string to give the wreath a more rustic finish.

So here it is, as somebody commented, perfectly imperfect? Just my type of style.

If you want to see the lovely lady that taught me how to make this wreath, then here is the very talented Kitten Grayson, making a beautiful wreath for Farrow & Ball and showing, in a video, rather than trying to explain to you, how it’s done.


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