Lusting after Toast OAS range

I have always loved the clothing and homeware brand Toast and I’m not saying that trying to jump on any sponsored blogger post bandwagon. Toast has always optimised my ideal type of clothes, casual, relaxed, tomboy style dressing in the best quality fabrics, with an interesting spin on design classics.

For some reason however, it has escaped my attention that they have an even more perfect range for me, under the name of OAS. I bloody love it and I want it all now!

If I had to reign myself in, as most of us obviously have to, then these would be my top 5, my “I have to have these items in my life” My husband or anybody that knows me, would probably say on looking at these items, but you have them already. Ok I have variations of them, but you can never, in my opinion, have too many dungarees, pinafores or slouchy trousers & these, as I have said, are not just any slouchy trousers, they are Toast!


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