Denby Pottery Studio Craft Collection – Artisan Rustic 1970’s revival Tableware

There is currently a definite 1970’s revival in design, not just in fashion but in homewares. Our love of everything hand crafted and homegrown, such as house plants and macrame are just a few of the trends that show no signs of going away. We are definitely having a bit of a “Good Life” moment and so I was delighted when Denby Pottery sent me some of their new Studio Craft range of ¬†glazed table ware to style. My first thoughts were this is so Tom and Barbara and I instantly loved that feeling of nostalgia that it gave me.

The four natural tonal shades of browns and creams and speckled surfaces, take me straight back to my child hood. Those days of well made British design that was built to last. Brands that our parents always invested in such as Ercol, G Plan & Denby were good solid house hold names that were bought to endure the years, not like some of the throw away design that comes and goes, almost faster than the paint can dry in our newly updated schemes today?

The Studio Craft collection of Denby pottery is tactile and robust and perfect for everyday use. I was always told buy best and buy once and there is no better or more ecological way to invest in pieces that become part of our families daily life and eventually part of our family history.

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