Totally Faking it with Faux House Plants

There was a time when the very mention of the word fake flowers or plants, sent a shiver down any serious interior lovers spine. Fake flowers and plants were nasty and very cheap looking and could only ever be used, god forbid, in desperate situations, such as out of focus in the background of a styled shot or surrounded by real foliage to disguise the fact the said flowers were indeed faking it.

Fast forward to now and with the help of maverick designers such as Abigail Ahern, who has championed the use of fake while also elevating their purpose in the home with her superior selection of plants and flowers, we are flooded with amazing, “are they, aren’t they real?” There is an explosion of blooms and foliage, succulents and cacti, now available from High Street stores, leading online retailers such as Cox and Cox and Rockett St George and even supermarkets.


A selection of faux plants from Abigail Ahern

Some of the best that I’ve seen and indeed invested in for props and Barlow towers are as cheap as £6 a pop. The quality of the faux plant or flower, is no longer represented by the sky high price tag.



These two are from ParLane which I bought at Barnshaw Smithy in Cheshire. They are such amazing quality and only around £10 per stem. When you think that you can easily pay that for one house plant or small bouquet of flowers, which if you’re anything like me, will only last for a couple of weeks, they seem cheap in comparision.

This all year round ever green branch was bought from Moth in Didsbury Manchester.


Spot the difference. Two of these plants are fakes and were bought for just £6 each from Sainsbury’s.

So what do you think about faking it? Are you convinced by these faux favourites of mine or not?

You know I always love to hear from you x





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